"I have been practicing this sequence of poses for some time, with all kinds of teachers, Sonja finds a way to explain the work in a fresh new way I can use." AC

"The best yoga experience I've ever had! The studio is so clean and relaxing and the teachers are so helpful. Every class I've had special adjustments so I can further my practice. Definitely recommended to anybody who wants to try yoga or the more experienced yogi who wants to push themselves further." KA


"Had a massage with Youssef yesterday, and I feel amazing. He is professional, attentive, and works within your comfort zone. He allows time for you to breathe. I would recommend Youssef to anyone who wants to maintain a happy body! Namaste." -TP


"What a gorgeous spot and lovely energy! Indra makes you feel very welcome. I will be sure to visit again!" -SP


"What a beautiful place to practice!" JT


"I enjoyed the workshop very much and would do it again if another one came up." YM


"I had a massage from Youssef today, he is a great massage therapist. this was the greatest massage I ever had." BD


"Youssef gave me an incredible massage and I left feeling so relaxed and blissful. He has a unique technique and it was just what I needed.Thanks so much and I will be back. I will also recommend Youseff to anyone who is looking for a good RMT in Caledon East." LL


"Yesterday morning I took the gentle therapeutics class with Fortunata, and I really enjoyed it (as it's considered the 'yoga before the yoga'). You get a chance to learn the yoga poses correctly before starting regular classes. You learn what each pose stretches and works, and how to perform it without pushing yourself too far. Thanks!" NV

 Zen Shiatsu massage with Sonja was truly a wonderful experience. This gentle massage slowly opened every part of my body into deep relaxation. I felt my whole body sink onto the Shiatsu massage mat . Sonja made me feel extremely comfortable and we talked about the areas in my body where I hold tension and she expertly released tension and tightness I feel there. I would recommend this massage to everyone who suffer routinely suffer from pain. CD

I had an amazing Zen Shiatsu massage with Sonja. I did not need to undress. However I would recommend wearing comfortable clothes. Ideal is to go after a yoga class. I have never experienced this form of healing before. I came to the appointment feeling stress, anxiety and suffering from lack of sleep. From the start Sonja made me feel safe to let go and relax. In the beginning I was anxious whether this gentle massage is for me I am used to deep tissue massage. However soon I found myself relaxing into the experience and even dosed off for sometime. What was remarkable is the release I felt in entire back and especially shoulders and jaw where I was feeling very tight and sore. I had a great sleep that night and I recommend it for everyone who suffers from anxiety, stress related pain in body and especially insomnia. It is magic IC

I have had the pleasure of attending two meditation workshops under the guidance of Grant Hutchinson. Non-judgemental and genuinely supportive, Grant is a gifted teacher that can bring you into the world of being with the simple, yet profound techniques that he teaches in the class. By following his guidance, each person is able to tune into their unique experience of the present moment and meet what is there with compassion and nonresistance. Grant teaches sitting and walking meditations during the workshop which I have found helpful by providing me with different experiences of being mindful. During the practice, sensing the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) resistance on the physical, mental and emotional levels within my body has become much easier. This has made for a much more rewarding experience of my every day life as I practice meeting each moment with acceptance, instead of struggling against my feelings and thoughts! The practice has allowed me to grow and heal in ways I didn't think were possible. I would recommend his workshops to everyone, especially to those who would like to live with less stress and a deeper connection to themselves and others. LG

"My massage therapy session with Youssef was a great experience, I really enjoyed the massage and calming atmosphere. The music was a perfect touch as well! Youssef was very skilled and took note of all the areas I was feeling pressure, and made sure to focus on problem areas to rectify any pain I was having. I would definitely recommend him to family, friends and colleagues. I look forward to scheduling another session." KY

"The massage I received at Yoga Shala was pheomenal! Youseff was very in tune with my needs and I felt deeply relaxed throughout the massage and afterwards. Thank you!" LG


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