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Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga yoga involves synchronizing breath and movement through a progressive series of postures.  Classes are based on the Primary Series of Ashtanga, also called "Yoga Chikitsa" (Yoga Therapy).  It is intended to realign the spine, build strength, stamina and flexibility. The flowing vigorous practice produces internal heat and sweat that detoxifies the body.  The essentials of practice are deep even breathing (Ujjayi breath), focusing gaze at one point (Dhristi), and internal body seals (Bandhas). The floor practice includes vinyasa in between the poses. Overtime the practice builds endurance, strength, flexibility and deep inner focus.  With discipline, patience, and faith the practitioner in time, develops a strong, light body, a calm mind and increased self awareness. 


Hot Yoga

The classes are offered in a heated room (See benefits of practising in a room heated with Infrared Heat). The room is heated to 37 Degrees Celsius.
Ghosh system is an alignment based practice and consists of progressive series of 84 asanas tracing lineage back to Yogi Matsyendranath founder of Nath yogis, 10th century AD.  Lineage holder and master teacher, Tony Sanchez says 84 represents completeness and is considered by some to be a mystical number.
The classes in this system are CORE 26, and CORE 26+ .  The CORE 26 means the core Foundational poses of this system.

Ghosh system of Hatha yoga was developed to help maintain, generate, or recover health by stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, especially the Vagus nerve and the brain. The poses in this system are organized in an effective way to help balance vitality and increase the flow of energy to the brain and different organs and nerve plexes along the spine. The influx of energy you get from this practice will awaken, energize and vitalize the billions of nerve cells in your body leading to balance and connection between body, energy and mind. 

This system of yoga when practised in a warm room allows for ease in movement.  The heat naturally brings increased focus to our body and bodily sensations, helping to develop breath control essential for a strong yoga practice.  Practising in the heat produces a  powerful cardio response that gives a boost to the aerobic qualities of the yoga poses.  The yoga postures are held in accurate alignment and many are repeated twice.  Emphasis is on building core strength, flexibility, balance, breath control and deep inner focus.


In the words of renowned Yin teacher Bernie Clark, this system of yoga is a perfect complement to any dynamic and muscular exercise that you do. Yin Yoga primarily targets the hips, pelvis, and lower spine, which in our modern chair culture greatly need increased mobility and counterbalance. 

Yin Yoga effectively targets the deep connective tissues, such as the ligaments, tendons, and even the joints of the lower body that are not exercised in the same way in more active styles of yoga.  

Although practice consists entirely of floor postures, yin practice can be challenging due to the long holds for each of the poses, which last anywhere from one to five minutes! The practice invites the student to surrender into the poses, supporting the release of tension from the core of the body, while calming the nervous system. Yin is also a time to cultivate greater self-awareness and mindfulness.

Hatha Yoga
You will learn the fundamentals of yoga practice in a slow and safe manner. You will learn proper breathing technique, sun salutations, fundamental standing poses and floor poses. 

Yoga for Pain and Anxiety
In this class will students will learn breathing techniques to help calm the mind and body.  Students will learn optimal range of motion while practicing yoga postures. It is an ideal class for students who want to slowly ease into yoga practice. It will build core strength and flexibility. You will be taught yoga poses in a slow, safe, comprehensive manner with a plenty of room for questions.


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