"The best yoga experience I've ever had! The studio is so clean and relaxing and the teachers are so helpful. Every class I've had special adjustments so I can further my practice. Definitely recommended to anybody who wants to try yoga or the more experienced yogi who wants to push themselves further." KA

Studio Etiquette


Please do NOT WEAR any Perfume, Cologne, After Shave to Class.  Just like natural body odour the Artificial Scents will intensify during the practice and many students are allergic or sensitive to such Artificial Scents.  Please help them.

Please arrive AT LEAST 10 minutes before class starts. 

If you are New to the Studio, please SIGN a WAIVER at the Front Desk

Bring a yoga mat and mat towel. If you plan to shower bring a shower towel.

(Yoga mat and mat towel available for rent for $3.00 each at the studio).

Leave ALL your belongings in the change room. Lockers for purses, wallets, cell phones are available. Please ask for a lock at the front desk. And Remember to Return it.

Take only Yoga mat, Mat towel, and water bottle in the Practice Room.

Inform your Teacher Before Class of any injuries or medical conditions you may have.

Hydrate well before class and do not eat 2-3 hours before class.

Plan to sweat, bring a towel with you.


Once you are in the Practice Room; Observe Silence.  No Talking in the Practice room.  

Please bring only Yoga mat, Mat towel and Water in the Practice room.

If you are unsure of how to do a pose, observe and listen to the teacher for modification instructions AND listen to your body.  

Stick to the series of postures being taught in class, modify if you have an injury or medical condition but refrain from changing/adding postures from other styles.  It throws off rest of the students in the class.  

Do not sacrifice breath for posture.  If you cannot breathe you are trying to hard.

Do not leave the Practice room until the class ends, unless it is an emergency.


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