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About Yoga Shala


"Yoga Shala" means a place where we practice yoga.

Welcome to Our Yoga & Meditation Studio

Yoga Shala Caledon offers yoga and mindfulness meditation.  We Offer: Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Stretch & Unwind, and Gentle Therapuetic. Classes are suitable for all, even absolute beginners! You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. However, if you do yoga you will become flexible.


Our practice room features infrared heat, central humidifier, fresh air ventilation and cork floors to soften the step. Change rooms have showers, and lockers for your convenience.  

Yoga Shala Caledon is dedicated to teaching lineage based yoga and mindfulness mediation. All classes are taught in a warm room, heated with infrared heat.


Power yoga and Stretch and Unwind classes are taught in a room heated to 27 degrees celsius.  Hot Yoga classes are taught in a room heated to 37 degrees celsius.


Beginners and experienced students are all welcome. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga. However, if you do yoga you will become flexible.  


Yoga Styles Offered

Ashtanga Yoga (Power yoga)

Ghosh System of Hatha Yoga (Hot Yoga)

Yin  (Stretch and Unwind)

See detailed descriptions for the Yoga Classes under Programs.



Lineage in yoga is used to establish authenticity. Lineage helps to trace the system of yoga back to the original teacher(s).   Although lineage is no substitute for skill, it establishes an important link to the origin of the particular system of yoga.  The presence of lineage guarantees transmission of the most essential characteristics of the system of yoga being taught.  If lineage is not respected there is danger of yoga falling prey to fads and worse the whims of the teacher's ego.


The Studio Space

  • Practice room is heated with infrared heating panels.
  • Practice room and Wellness Services rooms feature cork floors to soften the step.
  • Change rooms have showers, and lockers.
  • Yoga Mats and Mat towels available for rent.

  • 10 parking spots available on our premises.

Why practice in a "warm room" heated with Infrared heat?

At Yoga Shala Caledon we warm the room for Hot Yoga classes close to body temperature at 37 degrees Celsius.  And for Power Yoga and Stretch & Unwind classes the room temperature is set at 27 degrees Celsius


The infrared heating panels, also used in saunas, provide quiet heat that warms bodies not air, compared to the conventional forced air system, this prevents draft and  stirring of dust, pollens, or germs.


From ancient times people have used heated spaces like sweat lodges, steam baths or saunas to purify body and spirit. The warmth supports an immediate increase in ease of movement.  Yoga in a heated room promotes purification through sweat, the body's natural mechanism of temperature regulation. The blood vessels dilate and the skin pores open to produce a purifying sweat that moves water from the inside of the cells to the surface of the body. Thirst is stimulated and brings in fresh water, as we rehydrate.  

Practicing in the heat produces a powerful cardio response that gives a boost to the aerobic qualities of the poses and sequences. Training in heat can actually improve cardio performance for athletes such as runners and cyclists when they compete at normal temperatures. The heat generated through practice and sustained by higher ambient temperature and humidity naturally brings increased focus to our body and bodily sensations and helps in developing breath control, essential for building a strong yoga practice.  A natural surge of relaxing and energizing neurotransmitters follows yoga practice and can bring optimism and happiness to the practitioner’s day and life in general.



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